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A Ghanaian lady based in Saudi Arabia, Gifty Gyamfua, has revealed that her male employer and his son made sexual advances on her, but her refusal cost her her salary.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Gifty shared her time in Saudi Arabia has been an overwhelming experience after leaving Ghana to work. Gifty mentioned that her former employer sold her out to another employer in Medina.

At her new home, Gifty had a name change because apparently, Christians aren’t allowed in the city. Soon, his new employer and son began to make sexual advances.


“Initially, everything was fine, but he asked me if I was married, and I said yes. After that, I was never happy in that house. Whenever his wife was not around, he would ask me to massage and ask me sexual questions, but I ignored him,” she narrated.

Gifty added that his employer’s son also began “making such advances. His father wanted sex, and he wanted sex too. So it became difficult to live in the house.”

According to Gifty, her employer refused to pay her unless she allowed sex with him. Moreover, she reluctantly signed an agreement that later proved she could not only leave the country unless her employees permitted it.

Eventually, her employer granted her wish to leave Medina for Riad. However, the real ‘hustle’ began after moving to Riad.