Sad story of 200 kids abandoned by wicked mothers
Sad story of 200 kids abandoned by wicked mothers

Sensing it from afar as fate may have it, one hears the voice of these innocent kids at the Royal Seed Orphanage Home at Kwoa Bondzie, a suburb of Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana.

When Adom TV inquired about the whereabouts of the mothers of these children, the saddening response we got was that the kids have no biological parents! So how did they find their way to the place? The News Crew managed to ask.

The answer we got was that some were abandoned by their parents, whilst others were brought there by the police.

The sad aspect is that, whereas some individuals and couples go to unimaginable limits to be able to make babies; some others easily have babies they don’t want and so throw the fruits of their wombs away.

The Royal Seed Orphanage Home, established 17 years ago, has been the abode of hundreds of the orphans and ‘thrown-away’ kids; preparing them to be self-reliant, positive-minded, respectful, and making meaningful contributions to their immediate communities and Ghana at large.

The over-200 kids in the home are confident they will grow into great citizens, despite the fact that their current home lacks some comfort.

So, how do these 200 boys and girls cope with the scarcity around them? Well, the home tries to be self-supporting by rearing poultry and pigs for the kids’ consumption.

In tune with the Ghanaian saying that ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’, the company called Advans Ghana Savings and Loans has gone to plant 300 fruit trees at the home.

Leaders of Advans Ghana joined staff and pupils of Royal Seed to prop the mango, orange and coconut seeds as well as banana suckers up firmly in the soil.

To hear it from the horse’s own mouth as it were, I asked, ‘Why this initiative?’ Olivier Bailly-Bechet is the Chief Executive Officer of Advans.

Mr Bailly-Bechet disclosed that the company wants to have lasting impact on the lives of the children, hence the decision to plant fruit trees.

He added that it is part of the company’s effort to help mitigate climate change.

What does the planting of the fruit trees mean to the kids determined to make the best out of the chance given them at the orphanage? Some kids told Adom News Reporter Amos Kwofie that the move by Advans Ghana will help their daily lives as they grow.

A woman who gave her name only as Auntie Rose is a caretaker at the home and could not hide her excitement about the project.

She disclosed that the action by the company will help reduce their expenses and will ensure quality life when the fruit grows in the future.

Source: | Adom News | Amos Kodwo Mensah Aboroampa Kwofie