The District Chief Executive for Saboba District of the Northern region Adolf Ali has dissolved the water board following water crises in Saboba.

Mr. Adolf Ali told Adom News that, he has dissolved the old board because they are not working with the management to be able to collect some tariff from water consumers so they can use to pay electricity bills.

“The board is unable to work with management to be able to collect tariff from water consumers so as a result of that they are unable to pay the electricity bills that has resulted for discussion of the water system” he stated.

His move comes in a wake of water crises that has hit Saboba Township forcing residents to share water with animals.

Adom News investigation revealed that the shortage is as a result of technical faults at the main water treatment plant. Many equipment are reported to have broken down some months ago but no effort has been made to repair them. 

The situation has compelled residents to resort to water sourced from polluted dams and ponds for domestic and commercial purposes and school children spend also entire nights searching for water.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Board, Rev. Moses Bakar blamed the water crisis on increase in populaion in Saboba.

“The water system of Saboba is now too small to supply water to Saboba town and we have advocated for it rehabilitation and there were so many promises but nothing has happened” he said.

He accused the leadership of the board of being incompetent since they wasted time worgking with what he describes as incompetent people at the board.

Rev. Moses Bakar urged the DCE to as a matter of urgency resolve the situation to bring some respite to residents.

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