A uniformed policeman has stirred up massive reaction after a video of him preaching in the streets went viral.

This incident reportedly happened on the streets of Abia State, Nigeria.

In the video, the officer is seen with a microphone in his hand walking briskly and proclaiming to people about the Kingdom of God.

He was preaching on the theme ‘Purity and righteousness.’

Netizens on their part have expressed both shock and amusement at this display which seems to be an unusual one.

Check out video and some reactions below:

pinzle_ceo wrote:

Double your hustle they say.

naija_fm wrote:

Na wetin go shock people I wan dey do now… Make God give me grace.

l.tobiloba wrote:

He still believes in heavenly race. Good! It may seem unprofessional but I love it.

godspower_omoveh wrote:

You go take bribe after preaching or you no go take bribe?