I'll soon deal with Kwamena Ahwoi
Jerry Rawlings (L) and Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi

Former President Jerry Rawlings has disputed claims that Professor Kwamena Ahwoi’s book which chronicles his experience with him is ill-timed.

In the book titled ‘Working with Rawlings’, the former Local Government Minister, Prof Ahwoi, among other things, chronicled his dealings with former President Jerry Rawlings who gained access to power through a coup but subsequently handed over power peacefully.

The book, since its release, has been welcomed with varying views with many describing it as an attempt to mar Mr Rawlings’ personality.

To others, the timing for the book’s release is wrong and will have a dire effect on the Nationl Democractic Congress, especially in the December polls.

However, Mr Rawlings, taking to Twitter, noted: “There is nothing ill-timed about Kwamena Ahwoi serving dankwansere soup at this time. He needed to knock down Rawlings.”


To Mr Rawlings, people like Prof. Ahwoi should not expect the New Patriotic Party to let go off 2020 and not damage his personality with vicious and manufactured stuff.

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