Rapper Edem passed by Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Wednesday and he opened up on his spiritual life for the first time.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, monitored by Adomonline.com, the rapper said though he was raised a Catholic, he has realised the need to pray and communicate to God directly.

Expanding his assertion, Edem said:

I think nothing has divided humanity more than religion and love and God is paramount to me. I pray to God and I was raised on a catholic faith and sometimes you have to pray through Mary but the Bible says you go through Jesus Christ to God.

Being an adult I know I have to pray to God. Not through Mary or any medium, he said.


Narrating what led him to get in touch with his maker by a direct route, Edem said, because I am confused why the Catholics go through Mary and the Charismatic goes through Jesus.

Why should my son tell another uncle to speak to me? Most of the time, you encourage him to come to you directly and God is my ‘gee’ so I connect with him directly. I like things quick.

Where the kings are, their kids talk to them directly. The public don’t see it. Protocol is a facade for perception in governance. The father,who is a King will wake his wife and talk to her but in the public space, the wife will come and kiss his ring. There is nothing like protocol to God, because its your personal feelings and vibe and how you know him, he explained.

I have had reservations with people who put stickers on their cars. How many pastor stickers can you put on your car if you go to four different churches? If God is particular about some people, then I will connect with my ‘homie’ straight up, Edem climaxed his talk.

Edem is currently promoting his new EP dubbed ‘Mood Swings.’

Check out the album artwork below, shared on his Instagram page: