Controversial actress, Princess Shyngle, is in her element as she goes wild on social media in a video she posted on Instagram.

The Ghanaian-based Gambian born went cleavage naked while announcing her readiness for her next relationship.

Following her second and most recent divorce, Princess Shingle is bound on living life to its fullest, including exposing every part of her body she deems essential to her beauty.

“Life is too damn short, Do you and be happy [sic],” she wrote in the video which had erotic music playing in the background.

She captured herself in a short blue mini dress that covered parts of her lower body while leaving her cleavages to full glare.

Princess Shyngle who is noted for showing her wild self went extra by showcasing her entire boobs with the exception of her nipple which she covered with black tape.

The video has since generated divided opinions. A majority of people have chastised her for showing too much flesh, while others believe it is just the right advertisement for her dating announcement.

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