The lady alleged to have deliberately set up and caused to be recorded the assault and humiliation of a junior pastor of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of the Glorious Wave Chapel International, Osofo Appiah popularly known as Biblical has been arrested by the Tesano Police.

She was arrested together with an accomplice following a formal complaint after videos of the naked and bleeding pastor went viral as some men kicked mercilessly with slaps, forcing him to strip naked while videoing the scene to be published on social media.

The lady who allegedly framed the junior pastor ensured her face did not show during the entire episode while she egged the hired men to assault him more.

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It is believed that Osofo Appiah was invited by the lady (Deborah) to come to her place after she told him she was sick and he should pay her a visit.

According to official police records, at Tesano where the two ladies have been given a self-recognizance bail after their statements were taken, the Junior Pastor was invited to the place by the lady who is married and is a friend to the Junior Pastor.

Upon his arrival at the place, Osofo Appiah was accosted by three men who are now on the run and who were hiding somewhere in the apartment.

They emerged from their hideout and started questioning the pastor on why he responded to her call for a visit when he knew she was alone at the place and her husband was not around.

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All there were apparently recorded too.

A scuffle ensued as a result and the two young men beat him up and stripped him down to his boxer shorts and singlet, asking to sit and wait for the lady’s husband to come and see him that way.

Realizing what was happening, he decided to fight them as they had seized his phone. This led to them stripping him naked and beating him to pulp.

They questioned him on why he turned up for the visit if his intention was not to sleep with the lady, Deborah, who was one of the two arrested ladies.

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It has also been alleged that the entire set-up was masterminded by a rival pastor of Prophet Badu Kobi ostensibly to damage his reputation and the goodwill of his church through his junior pastors. The Church when reached for comments declined to insist the official statement they put out is all they have to say on the matter for now as they pursue court action.

Osofo Appiah in his official police correspondence sighted by stated that he knows the lady very well and couldn’t believe she could set him up for him to be beaten, stripped and humiliated over “pastoral rivalry.”

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has launched an investigation into the whole saga while the two men who were hired for the operation are wanted to assist in investigations.


  1. Eiiiiii what an abomination! I saw this video in Malaysia last week whiles on a visit. Back to UK also it’s circulating seriously. Deborah is a wicked woman. She deserves a proper punishment.

  2. A lady like DEBORA is not expected to stay and eat. A proper punishment should be given to her, but she must apologise to the Pastor first.

  3. Good work by the Police. It is long overdue. They should be prosecuted and jailed with hard labour to stop this stupidity of the highest order. How on earth should any right thinking human being behave in this uncivilized manner? They should be “beaten” as well to pump some sense in their dump heads.

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