The Victory Bible Church International at Kokomlemle in Accra witnessed over 200 hearts that were united in giving thanks to their maker.

The grateful hearts who were staff and associates of the Multimedia Group went before the Lord for just a singular reason – thank God for whatever may have transpired in the year 2018.

Clad in a touch of white, the over 200 staff, including clients, sponsors, management and the managed counted their blessings in the 365 days of 2018.

Multimedia Choir commences 2019 Thanksgiving Service in grand style

The beginning of the thanksgiving event saw the Multimedia Choir anchoring their presence at the podium with soothing gospel songs that touched the hearts of many.

If you were home, office, wherever you may find yourself looking for God’s blessings then he was busy pouring it on those who gathered at Bishop James Saah’s church to usher them into the New Year.

In an exciting playlist, Joe Mettle, a friend to the company, caused every Tom, dick and Harry to dance last year away and prep through praises for abundance of grace and favour in the year 2019.

Joe Mettle performs with the Multimedia Choir at 2019 Thanksgiving service

He sang ‘Onwanwani’ to wit ‘God of Wonders’ for the most obvious reason that of course God is wonderful.

Hands clapped, tears dropped, mouths exalted when the Leader of the Makers House Chapel, Dr Boadi Nyamekye grabbed the mic to talk about people losing their dignity before God during thanksgiving.

Dr Micheal Boadi Nyamekye ministers to MGL Staff at 2019 Thanksgiving Service

“When giving thanks becomes difficult just look back into history,” urging congregants to thank God regardless, stating David in the Bible as a point of reference during preaching time.

“Thanksgiving is not a cognitive experience l. If you read the text you don’t just emote it. It’s something you should show. You don’t thank God in your head. It has to be shown,” after this statement, many who were apathetically seated in the auditorium shook up.

The man of God drew the attention of the Multimedia staff that we thank God for our history, for our misery and our victory; challenging everyone to recollect where they have come from, what they have been through and what they have overcame.

Hallelujah!!! they all shouted as the Christian event ended on a good note carving smiles on faces of people who felt the presence of God leading their 2019 journey.

See more phototelling images below:

Head of Sports, Sammy Yirenkyi scan the sky for that ageless search for God in heaven.
HR Director Nana Nana Mbroh Elegba wipes the air helplessly during the Thanksgiving worship.

Adom TV’s presenter, Afia Amankwa Tamakloe

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