Ace Ghanaian gospel musician, Philipa Baafi, has released yet another hit single, dubbed, ‘Privilege’, which has already started enjoying airplay on radio stations nationwide.

The song with easy lyrics begins with powerful instrumentation followed by a strong vocal delivery.

Moments after the instrumental and deep vocals come the main lyrics which seek to preach gratefulness to the Giver of Life.

The song reminds everyone that waking up every morning is not by our own might and strength, but by the sheer benevolence of the Almighty God.

The single seeks to reiterate the fact that each year begins with millions of people having dreams, visions and activities they want to accomplish but sadly the year ends with most of them (siblings, neighbours, friends, loved ones) who are not counted among the living.

Philipa, therefore, concludes that it is a privilege to be counted among the living.

The musician, who is also a Physician Assistant, posits that this song was inspired by an emotional experience she witnessed during her clinicals as part of her programme.

She tells a story of how a neonate (less than a month-old baby) suffered respiratory distress.


As a result, the baby was gasping for breath, foaming, poo-pooing and wee weeing on herself. It was only after oxygen was administered that she was stabilised.

“The look on the mother’s face when her baby was stabilised and could finally sleep was so refreshing and humbling. After this experience, I came to the realisation that the oxygen we take for granted is not our RIGHT but just a privilege,” she testified.

The ace is known for her style of blending the pidgin with Twi but this time, it was the British English that took portions of the song making it unique.

Privilege is one of the gospel songs that would encourage every soul to praise his or her maker.

Philipa Baafi is married to Kwame with whom she has two kids, Adom and Sika.

The family worships at Pentecost International Worship Centre at West Hills, Accra.