Member of Parliament for Kumbungu in the Northern Region, Ras Mubarak has urged the government to organise a state burial for the late ‘patriotic’ soldier, Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama.

Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama, a Ghanaian military officer was allegedly mistaken as an armed robber, was lynched and burnt in the Central Region by some angry youth on Monday morning because he was in possession of a weapon.

It was with this that Mr. Mubarak described the soldier as patriotic because he believes no civilian or even an armed robber under similar circumstance will hold a gun and submits to be lynched.

“He is very patriotic. I think he deserves a state burial. But more than a state burial, his soul will be at rest when the perpetrators are arrested. Maxwell has sworn to protect Ghana. And you do this to him?

“Circumstances under which he saw himself could permit him to shoot his way out of the mob. He had a fully loaded pistol but because he is disciplined, he didn’t shoot to kill anyone. His life was clearly in danger. Others would have shot their way out…” he explained on Accra-based Okay FM.

He added that the soul of the Captain and family members will never be at ease until the perpetrators arrested and prosecute according to the law.

Ghana, he said, is a country where rule of law resides hence we should be each other’s keeper rather than enforcing waywardness that affects our ‘peaceful’ country.

“This is a country of rule of law. We should beware of ourselves. If some people are going wayward in the society, we should all try to stop them. The effect comes to all of us. We should begin to be each other’s keeper and work with the rule of law…” he advised.