Francisca Lamini / Credit:

The 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) poster girl, Francisca Lamini, has started her pre-med programme at Harvard University in the US.

The former student of Keta Senior High School (KETASCO) seems very excited about her prospects as she shares her feelings in a Facebook post. 

She formed part of the KETASCO team that made history when they qualified for the finals of the NSMQ that year during which she caught the eye of the public .

Recounting the sequence of events after she left Ghana on August 16, the scholar explained that she has learnt so much already.

According to her, she “was pleasantly surprised when I got admission to four international colleges; Harvard University, Cornell University, Stanford University, and New York University (Abu Dhabi), all with full scholarships. I finally selected Harvard University for my pre-med degree.”

She showed appreciation to her benefactors and donors who made her journey to the prestigious college a success.

“I want to thank Ghanaians for the love they showed me after the NSMQ. It was overwhelming,” she added.

She is embarking on the academic journey on a full scholarship.

The announcement of her admission into the prestigious institution came earlier this year.