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NPP MP aspirant promises to spend time in classroom for free


It is common to hear aspiring parliamentarians promise to undertake one development project or the other, though that is not the core mandate of law makers.

However, for NPP parliamentary aspirant for Bosomtwe in the Ashanti Region, he wants to share his legislative duties with teaching for free in basic schools.

Dr. Osei Twum says he will visit schools in his constituency to teach students Mathematics at no cost to beneficiaries.

He says it is a passion he will not abandon despite what he anticipates to be a busy schedule in the legislature, if he gets the nod.

“I was a teacher in the US and I just love to teach,” he said

According to Mr. Osei, his move is to “motivate the kids, when they are at their wits end”.

Dr. Twum who is an educationist by training runs a private basic and second cycle school.

He says such initiative would also afford him opportunity to interact with and support students who have peculiar needs, including financial.

Dr. Twum spoke with some NPP supporters on the sidelines of a home-coming and fund-raising ceremony for old students of Jachie-Pramso Senior High School.

He tells Luv News the NPP will establish a separate directorate for supervision in schools.

Dr. Twum, himself an old student, says the NPP will focus more on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education.

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