Juabeng NPP supporters curse party executives

One of the four New Patriotic Party (NPP) members in the Juaben Constituency who cursed their party leaders in a river has regretted his weird action.

Ransford Osei, an NPP Polling Station Executive at Juaben Anglican, and three other party members did the unthinkable by cursing their party leadership recently.

The four aggrieved party members had complained bitterly that their political idol had unfairly been disqualified from the upcoming NPP parliamentary polls at Juaben.

Instead of following laid-down party rules to make their voices heard, the four members rather slaughtered a sheep in a river at Juaben to deal with some NPP leaders.

As a result, Mr Osei and the three other party members have since been suspended by the party to serve as a deterrent to other party members with a similar mindset.

He has now regretted his action and admitted that they had no right to call on a river deity, slaughter a sheep and rain curses on their party leaders no matter how badly they thought their man was being treated.

Speaking on radio, Mr Osei said he has learnt his lessons, for which reason he would never stoop low by invoking curses on his party leaders in future.


He said that, ideally, he and his group should have used the laid-down rules of the party to drum home their grievances, admitting that the decision to curse was in bad taste.

Sounding like someone who has turned over a new leaf, Mr Osei admonished NPP members in the country not to emulate their reprehensible action in future.

According to him, it is important for party members to always respect and act according to the laws of the party, so that they would not find themselves in trouble.

He said the party was right to suspend them, stressing that he had decided to use every opportunity he would get to educate his party members to be tolerant and disciplined.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the Juaben Traditional Council in the Ashanti Region has fined Mr Osei and the three other NPP members 12 sheep for invoking the curse in contravention of traditional rules.