One person was nearly arrested as some aggrieved New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters go on rampage ahead of the election results declaration.

At a time when the Electoral Commission is completing the vote counting, party supporters are getting wind of whether their candidates are in comfortable lead or not.

This has led to an unfriendly atmosphere, and supporters have attempted to break the barricade to penetrate the inner perimeter where the vote counting is being held.

However, the police personnel were on guard and drove the supporters out, resulting in some form of confusion.

Commenting on the development, outgoing NPP National Organiser, Sammy Awuku, chastised the police for exerting force in the line of their duty.

He questioned why 200 police officers must launch an attack simply to restrain one aggrieved supporter.

Mr Awuku urged the police to be responsible in their dealings.