A heated altercation occurred at Eagle FM in Walewale last night when Musah, the son of the North East Regional Council of Elders chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), allegedly attacked a party member.

Musah is reported to have stormed the studio and attacked Haadi, also known as Yaagsim, during a live broadcast.

Haadi, a resident of Kperiga, was discussing the controversial election between Hajia Lariba Abudu Zuwera and Dr. Mahama Tia Abdul Kabiru.

The dispute stems from a close election in which Dr. Kabiru narrowly defeated Hajia Lariba by 145 votes to 138, leading to the matter being taken to the Tamale High Court.

As Haadi commented on the court case on air, Musah entered the studio in anger and began assaulting him.

The attack prompted a swift response from local NPP youth, who mobilized to confront Musah.

However, Musah had left the premises before they arrived, avoiding a potential escalation of the situation.

The show’s host, DJ Hakim, was reportedly unable to prevent the initial attack but managed to shield Haadi from further harm until the situation deescalated.

The attack has sparked widespread discussion in Walewale about the party’s handling of internal disputes and the security of media personnel during such sensitive times.

Watch video below: