Personnel of the Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) serving under the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs have been permanently retired.

This is per a letter written by the Ministry’s Human Resource Manager on behalf of the Minister, notifying all Registrars of the NABCO trainees’ status.

The letter served as a reminder to all registrars that the programme had expired at the end of October 2021, and as such, all trainees were to vacate their posts.

The letter has come on the back of confusion that had rocked a similar directive last year when the National Coordinator of NABCO, Dr Ibrahim Anyars, had announced that there would be no extension of the three-year contract of the trainees only for a counter directive to be issued later.

“Following a high-level stakeholder meeting with the lead NABCO Module Implementation Partners (MIPs) led by His Excellency, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and The Honourable Chief of Staff, all NABCO trainees are required to remain at post,” the counter letter stated.

In the case of the latest directive, however, a Deputy Registrar of NABCO had copiously minuted on the letter on January 25, 2022, saying “write to inform the NABCO trainees accordingly”.

It is not yet clear if the said letter “to inform the NABCO trainees accordingly” has been written except to say that the designated recipient of the minute wrote, “noted sir”.

The letter in reference

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The November 15, 2021 letter