Prominent human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has reported receiving threats to his life following his involvement in publicizing the case of a missing Ghanaian woman in Nigeria.
Harrison claims his picture and name were circulated in a police WhatsApp group, where he was labeled an “enemy of the police.”

In a message posted within the police group, officers were reportedly instructed to treat Harrison with extreme caution if he was seen near any police station, characterizing him as a “green snake under the green grass.”

The message accused him of previous criminal activities and claimed that he has been undermining police efforts.

However, Harrison has denies these accusations and asserts his advocacy work has led to retaliation from the police.

Gwamnishu has called on the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to investigate the individuals behind the message and hold them accountable.

He expressed concern for his safety and that of his family, demanding protection from authorities.

“If anything happens to me or my family, the entire @PoliceNG should be held responsible. They know the officers who issued the threat,” he stated.

Gwamnishu’s involvement in the high-profile case of the missing Ghanaian woman has apparently escalated tensions, leading to these recent threats against him.

Since his first report on Afiba Tandoh and Celine’s case, he has provided series of updates as the case has garnered nationwide exposure.