Mental health advocate Abena Korkor woke up with flashbacks of the loss of her unborn baby.

Her child, which would have been the first after having sexual encounter with over 100 men, was aborted.

But for a wrong medication that accidentally flashed out her foetus, she said her baby would have been a year and some months by now.

She indicated that her medications to treat her bipolar disorder were having a negative toll on the baby.

“I almost died and aborted my pregnancy because I was injected modecate meant for Schizophrenic patients,” she alleged.

In a latest tweet where she opened up on her pregnancy experience, she said though she loved her child, she was also unprepared to carry the burden alone as the as the unborn baby’s father denied responsibilities.

Abena Korkor first made mention of her pregnancy and abortion in an exclusive interview on Adom FM‘s drive time show, Ofiekwanso.

She indicated that it would have been a great disservice to herself had she kept a baby for a deadbeat father.

According to her, it was a result of a friend-with-benefits deal, which did not include any relationship and baby package, hence she does not hold the man at fault.