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Miss Universe Ghana has introduced a stunning national costume at the 69th Miss Universe competition, ongoing at the Florida, in the United States of America.

Miss Chelsea Tayui, who is representing Ghana at the world stage, showed class on the runway with the newly designed costume with colours of the national flag.

The dress, designed by Lakopue, showcases a gold metal piece, finished with over a thousand golden embellishments and stones.

The design represents Ghana’s illustrious mineral resources and bears a recreation of the iconic golden stool of the Ashanti Kingdom.

 The back of the dress Miss Universe Ghana wore revealed a rising star, which set forth the triumph of brave Yaa Asantewaa who led the war of Golden Stool against foreign invasion.


As the star and pride of Africa, Ghana’s costume represents a modern day woman leader as portrayed in the life of Yaa Asantewaa.

Watch the video attached below:

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