A married woman, Mansa, is on the verge of losing her life to an abusive husband who is transferring his aggression on sexual starvation to her.

Mansa revealed she put a restriction on her husband following complications she had from caesarian session after she was delivered of their third child, a decision her husband is not buying into.

“He came to have sex with me in my pain one night, but I declined,” she explained and said that is the genesis of series of misunderstandings that have almost wrecked the relationship.

The frustrated wife revealed her husband has always been threatening to butcher her, which leaves her with no option than to grant her husband access to her body.

Giving his side of the story, the husband, Kofi Asante, explained he has invested in his wife and is morally and legally entitled to her body, hence he will do whatsoever he pleases with her.

Mansa also revealed that, out of frustration from the constant torture, she locks her husband outside at night to prevent him from acting on his words.