A man staged a bizarre engagement proposal after pretending he had been killed in a car accident – before ‘coming back to life’ to hand the ring to his girlfriend. 

The video which has gone viral shows a man lying on the ground in the street in Nigeria while a pal goes to tell his girlfriend that he has been hit by a car.

There is a small pool of blood on the ground which appears to be coming from his head to confirm the story of the car accident.

The woman in a red dress rushes over, clearly distressed, shoving people out the way in order to get to his side and trying to find out what has happened, and crying as she tries to shake him awake.

The woman is distraught when she thinks her boyfriend has been knocked over (Photo: CEN)

The woman desperately tries to shake her partner awake (Photo: CEN)

But after a short period of lying lifelessly on the ground, the man suddenly leaps to his feet, leaving her shocked at his sudden resurrection.

He then gets handed a ring from a friend and drops down on one knee to ask her to marry him.


The man jumps back on his feet (Photo: CEN)

The man gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring (Photo: CEN)