From Left: Funny Face and Lil Win
From Left: Funny Face and Lil Win

Actor Lil Win has finally reacted to allegations levelled against him by colleague comedian Funny Face that he advised his wife to move out from his home.

According to him, Funny Face’s wife would even be “stupid” if he, Kwadwo Nkansah, should be able to lure her to runaway from home with her twin daughters, Ella and Bella.

Reacting to the allegations, Lil Win said he has never spoken to Funny Face’s wife.


He added that, he doesnt encourage women who tend to be married or claim they are in serious relationships.

Why will I say that, even if it’s true it means she doesn’t even have sense. Anyone who will do that is evil. Why will I say that? Who will look after his twins. Even if he stabs me I will never do that.

His wife is not my friend. I don’t even talk to married women and I don’t even talk to wives of my friends, he said to blogger Zionfelix.

In an Instagram post, Funny Face blamed his colleague Lil Win for his wife’s decision to leave home.

He added that Lil Win got to her because she is not emotionally strong.