Not every woman goes into a relationship with a man for the right reasons, and it isn’t all that seek love and commitment.

There are some women who would come into your life for what they can gain and others for their selfish interests.

So, how do you know she’s only taking advantage of you?

1. She’s ashamed of you

A woman who’s ashamed of having you in her life is one who’s only in the relationship for what she can get. If she’s not proud to have you as her man then it’s just a sign that she’s using you.

2. She never shows you she cares about you

Be careful of women who don’t care about you but still want a relationship with you; women like these would only use you for their selfish interests.

3. She says she loves you only when she wants something

Hearing the words “I love you” might be the hardest thing for her to say to you, but then she could use it tactfully only when she wants to get something from you. A woman like this will only want to take advantage of you.

4. She’s insensitive to your feelings

A woman who’s taking advantage of you might not care about how you feel; she’s only in it for her personal gains and might be insensitive to how you feel and what you want.

5. She uses you for her luxury expenses

A woman who’s only interested in you when it’s time for some luxury purchase is only there for what she can get, and would only be there as long as she keeps getting what she can get.

6. She hardly knows what you’re going through

A woman who’s taking advantage of you wouldn’t care about what you’re going through, how you feel, what you want and will never bother to find out how you’re doing. To her, what she can get from you is of paramount importance.

7. She rarely communicates

There’s no communication or connection between you two and she doesn’t mind; she doesn’t care about the relationship or put in any effort to make it better. She doesn’t call or keep in touch with you — you do everything, and she doesn’t communicate her feelings or listen to yours.

8. It’s always about her

With a woman who’s taking advantage of you, it’s never about you; it’s always about her. She’s always at the centre of it all; it’s always what she wants, how she wants it and when she wants it.

A woman like this is only taking advantage of you, and will send you to an early grave. Such a relationship is toxic and will only hurt you.

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