File photo: Market

Market women at Kasoa Old and New Markets have appealed to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE)  for Awutu Senya East, Michael Mensah, to give them another chance to trade in the markets.

Kasoa Old and New markets were shut down in accordance with a decision by the authorities of the municipality, market leaders and other stakeholders after an emergency meeting.

The market women have, however, admitted that they defied the social distance rule which led to overcrowding in the market and are pleading for a second chance.

In an interview with Adom News, some market women expressed readiness to obey instructions given to them by the Assembly because of unfavourable conditions in their new location.


“We are too overpopulated in the new satellite market. We are ready to divide ourselves into groups to reduce the crowd.

“There is no shed or even toilet facility in the new place, we know you (government) are trying to protect us but we are uncomfortable here,” some market women lamented.

However, the MCE said the Assembly will not give them a single chance because the market women are too recalcitrant.

“Some of them made all sorts of threats because of their head strong nature. We will not allow them into the market because it is our mandate to protect them and every other person who visits the market,” he insisted.