Artiste Manager and entertainment pundit, Mr Logic, born Emmanuel Barnes, says the Nigerian music industry is protected, making it difficult for Ghanaian musicians to fully penetrate through their market.

According to him, Nigerians always endeavour to push their own musicians than foreigners, a situation he says is different in Ghana.

Speaking on the Daybreak Hitz show, Mr Logic advised Ghanaians to learn from their colleagues in Nigeria in order to promote the crafts of local artistes.

“I know Nigerians will not be happy with this but if you go to Nigeria, it’s not easy to get on their radio shows. Their media space is protected, there is a borderline in their music industry.

“I wanted to host a show on Silverbird; I got the approval and everything because I had some unique materials that I brought from abroad. They told me that until there is a Nigerian co-host, the show cannot go on TV, and it’s the truth.

“The Nigerian guy never came, I’m sure behind the scenes, they were telling him not to come.

“This is how Nigerians protect their own. Don’t be surprised when Davido says ‘our people love us.’ It is a patriotic way of holding your people. Ghanaians should learn from them,” he urged.


Meanwhile, Ghanaian-based Nigerian on-air personality, Etim Essang, holds a contrary opinion.

He believes Ghanaian artistes are not making the necessary moves to plunge themselves into the Nigerian markets.

“Ghanaian acts don’t make the move. It’s sad to say they don’t make the move. If you watch, just this week alone, you find that there’s a couple of Nigerian acts in Ghana. What are they trying to do? They’re trying to put themselves in your face. They want the Ghanaian people to understand and enjoy their craft.

“They try to put the Twi in their songs because they want to get into the Ghanaian market. Tell me the last time KiDi, Kuame Eugene, King Promise went to Nigeria to do a media tour,” he queried.


Talented songstress, Ateaa Tina, sharing her view, said there is nothing wrong if Nigerian songs are played in Ghana.

According to her, Nigeria and Ghana have so much in common because they are neighbouring countries.

Though she has not been to Nigeria, she said it is not wrong if Nigerian songs are played in Ghana.

However, she added that Nigerian music shouldn’t be played more than Ghanaian music.