Ghanaian musician Wanluv Kubolor has disclosed his children’s education is not his priority as he drags his feet anytime he has to pay their school fees.

The Kokonsa hit maker, who has eight children – six biological, one step kid and one adopted – by different women said he believed children should just play and play.

Speaking on Friday 11 November about his family, Wanluv Kubolor said he considered himself a child as well.

“…I love my children but I’m so much of a child myself. I’m childlike and so I’m not serious about certain things that their mothers are serious about, like school,” he stated.

“I’m not serious about [their] schooling. When some of the mothers call me and tell me they need money for school fees, I don’t think of it as a priority, but I eventually [pay] because they get stressed out because they say the kids are sad they are not in school…but I just feel like: ‘Children should just play and play.’”

The award-winning musician said he did not believe in formal education because it only turned people into workers.

“I don’t believe in this system of education because it just turns you into a worker. It doesn’t really teach you stuff about life; it just teaches you how to function in a world that was recently created by the colonial West so that you can just keep paying taxes and make enough money to pay your rent and go to work the next day,” he noted.

Wanluv Kubolor is arguably the most revolutionary artist in Ghana, credited with creating a unique sound that pushes the borders of Afro-Pop.