Former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission says he is as unhappy as every Ghanaian at recent events at the commission.

Dr Kwadwo Afari Djan who chaired the EC for over 20 years and supervised six successful elections is worried the reputation of the organization, respected across Africa, stands to suffer under the current circumstances.

“I would think that nobody is happy is happy with what is happening at the Electoral Commission,” he revealed, referring to the accusations that were thrown at the immediate past EC boss and her eventual firing.

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The successor to Dr Afari-Djan, Charlotte Osei has been removed by the president on the recommendation of a panel set up by the Chief Justice to investigate a petition brought against her.

Some staff of the EC who authored the petition to the president accused her of corruption and mismanagement among others.

Two deputies, Amadu Sulley and Georgina Opoku Amankwaa were also removed on similar charges.

In his discontent, he added that”nobody would be happy. If you are unhappy, I share the same feeling with you.”

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Speaking at a forum titled ‘Consolidating Ghana’s democratic governance: The role of the Electoral Commission’, the former EC boss regretted the turn of events. He wants the newly appointed chair of the EC to restore the sunken image of the election body.


  1. It is the personal opinion of the former E.C. boss that he is not content with the removal of the immediate past boss. My opinion as well as the majority of Ghanaians is the opposite. So there is no need of generalising the feelings of the people. When you are chosen to lead in any area of responsibility, you are to serve and not to lord it over the people. Apart from breaching some rules, the immediate past E.C boss cannot be untagged as domineering, with regard to her Stance during the period of party registration for the 2016 elections. Such behaviour doesn’t augur for peace in a nation. Asem yi odzi ka .

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