Former President John Mahama has reiterated calls on the government to show more sympathy to residents on Keta-Aflao stretch affected by severe tidal waves.

Speaking during a visit to some affected communities, Mr Mahama said, “even if you cannot provide them with anything, just a visit to show that you care about them is important.”

His visit to the area was to provide some relief items to the hundreds of residents in the Anlo district, Keta, and Ketu South Municipalities who have been displaced.

He donated 1,000 bags of rice, 3,000 mattresses, 2,000 pieces of canned fish and tomatoes, boxes of Nido and Milo to affected persons after addressing supporters at the Keta Municipal Assembly.

The government has had some representation on the ground, with the Coastal Development Authority offering some support to the victims whose livelihood have been affected.

But no significant relief efforts have been seen from the central government.