A Nigerian-born Ghanaian transgender woman currently working in Ghana, says her goal is to continue to look more beautiful despite hateful comments from transphobic people.
Veso Golden Oke revealed she nearly committed suicide due to the constant abuse from family and the community she lived back in Nigeria.
26-year-old model and professional make-up artist bemoaned how transgender people are considered outcast when “we were all created by God”.
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Veso Golden maintained that, she was trapped in the wrong body because she has always known that she is a woman.
“I have never been gay.  I am a woman from childhood. I have always thought, dressed and walked as a girl and sometimes when I was much younger I prayed before going to bed that by morning God should transform me into a girl” she stated in an interview on KOFI TV.
In spite of the public rejection, Golden said she is lucky because her parents support her fully.
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  1. is he stupid? how can u tell us God trapped u in a man’s body? do u think God doesn’t know what he does? the next time u mention that God created us all including u, I will come for you. kwasia kwa , God created u, “YES” but the devil changed u. and to u this so call hosts, stop interviewing this people they are bad influence to our society

  2. Bro Kofi please you should not interview such people because some easy influenced people can follow these people
    please respect our Ghanaian culture
    no more gay nor lesbian nor transgender

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