Mental Health Advocate, Abena Korkor, has expressed her interest in getting married and making babies in the near future.

Despite having sexual relations with over 100 people, she said it wil be her dream to marry multiple ambitious men.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Ofie Kwanso, Friday, Miss Korkor said she does not subscribe to the notion of monogamy as it does not portray the concept of sexual reality.

“In the future, I will marry a knowledgeable and respectable man; even if he marries 100 women and I am 101, I am okay. This is because the wives respect themselves just as much as the man.

“Second wife will not see me and disrespect me because we all know our roles. We look at our strength and we are delegated. We don’t wanna be realistic in Ghana; a man needs a woman everywhere he goes; when he travels, to distress him wherever he is,” she argued.

Personalising such theory, Miss Korkor said since the age of 12, she became a lover of travel, and she decided to marry four men from every country she lives in.

According to her, close associates know she would love to marry four men due to her high libido, and her quest to be pampered by men.

“I want a man who can take care of me sexually, financially, intellectually and all. If I don’t get it in one person, I will marry plenty in different countries I will go,” she said.

Of the countries that practice polygamy, she said India would be her ideal choice based on freedom.