The founder of the Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries, Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, has recounted how he came back to life after he died for five days.

According to him, it took the grace of God to restore his health and life.

“I am a living testimony. I have died and been resurrected because of my strong faith in Him [Jesus], He resurrected me when I died.

“If you have not heard it before, yes, I died. My body was kept in the house for five days. Here I am, alive and kicking,” he recounted.

Social media in November 2021 was rife with reports of the renowned man of God’s passing after being hospitalised for an undisclosed illness.

His lawyer, Alexander Kwadwo Kom Abban, reacting to the reports indicated he is alive despite being sick.

However, the man of God in his latest sermon has confirmed the incident as he detailed what exactly transpired.

“I told God that my time was not up, so he should send me back to the earth. I was told to come back because my time was not up. If you have faith in Jesus, you will resurrect from the dead just as He did, when He died,” he stated.


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He further narrated he came across a few people within that period of transition, adding he went to heaven.

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