John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo has urged the incumbent government to give him the opportunity to revive the dying Komenda Sugar Factory.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Dumelo said he needs only 16 months to start producing sugar at the factory that has been adamant for five years since it was commissioned by former President John Dramani Mahama.

He said: I can revive the Komenda sugar factory if given the mandate. That factory will start producing sugar within 16 months ( considering planting and harvesting of sugarcane).

The old factory, built in 1964, became defunct about 30 years ago due to technical difficulties and mismanagement.


Currently, the 36.5-million-dollar loan sugar factory is not producing sugar. It is idle and currently rusting away, with parts of the roof worn out and torn.

Unfortunately, the facility shut down in July 2016 after a few test runs. It was due to reopen for full production in October 2016 but never did.

That dream has faded away after five years.

But Mr Dumelo is confident of restoring the factory if given the chance.

The factory needs about 200,000 tons of sugarcane(pa) to operate at full capacity. We can do it! He said.