His decision to set up a soccer academy in Kumasi to nurture football talents among the youth as a movie actor came as a surprise to many.

However, Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo, in his recent interview has revealed what the source of inspiration was.

According to the comic actor born Samuel Dabo, it was his hope to become a footballer but those hopes were dashed during his days in Junior High School.

As an active member of the school’s football team, which he believed was a stepping stone for the desired career, he was punctual for training and exuded much energy and performance.


However, anytime tournaments were due, he was somehow sidelined in the selection.

“I was always placed as a substitute due to the stature of the players, I will be asked to jog on the park with assurances of calling me in but by the time I realise, it will be about two minutes for the match to end.

“So I realised that path was not going to help me so I had to stop,” he recounted.

Through the project christened ‘The Dabo Soccer Academy’, a good number of unemployed youth in Ghana will be engaged to explore opportunities to use their talent.

Listen to Yaw Dabo in the video attached above: