We can feel it, can’t we?

The dry throat, dusty feet, cracked lips, this is just harmattan showing its arrival.

Although we can’t chase it away, we’d be giving tips on how to keep your skin fresh and hydrated during this dry period.

  • Drink lots of fruit infused water

This is a secret to upping your water intake during this season: drink at least four litres of water daily, and to make it easy, you can infuse your water bottle with different fruits like apple, pineapple, cucumber, or mint leaves.

In this process, you get hydrated and also get the needed nutrients.

Doing this should not stop you from getting fruits normally and adding them to your breakfast or dinner plan.

Lots of fruit intake will also boost your immune system and ward off unnecessary flu.

  • Do NOT bathe with hot water

Instead, bathe with lukewarm or slightly warm water. This is because hot water dries the skin out and deprives it of the needed moisture, also limiting bath time will help your skin retain moisture.

  • Use nose masks

Using nose masks will not only help keep your nostrils safe from the dry air, but it also protects you from the dust particles that might contain pathogens carrying flu or airborne diseases with them.

  • Stock up on vitamin C

Opting for this will not only boost your immunity but will also reduce your chances of catching a flu and also help retain your beautiful skin.

  • Moisturise

Lotions should be your best friends in this period, get oil-based moisturisers for the face and body, for better hydration, make sure there’s still a bit of water on your skin before putting on the lotion, this is so as to lock in moisture for long hours.

  • Invest in lip balm

Dry or cracked lips are prevalent during this period, and not only are they not pretty to the eyes, but they can also get very painful and in extreme cases, even bleed.

To avoid this, invest in lip hydrating balms or gloss to keep your lips fresh and protected all day.

  • Hair protection

This is the season we advertise for protective styling! Braids are the best option during this time, as your natural hair is kept safe from the harsh air, also the application of a leave-in conditioner is advised.

If you opt for weaves, make sure to tend to it every day, applying the needed oils and moisturisers, to preserve the weave life.

PRO-TIP: if you have very mild throat irritation during this period, add honey and ginger into a warm cup of tea, have a relaxing evening drinking this. If it persists with other symptoms, please see your doctor.