The 2016 general election which led to the electoral victory of the incumbent government also saw the party win majority of the parliamentary seats.

In 2016, the total number of parliamentary seats available was 275.

Out of the total seat, the New Patriotic Party(NPP) won 169 seats whiles the National Democratic Congress (NDC) won 106 seats making them the minority in Parliament.

Prior to the division of the regions in 2019, the Northern Region now Savannah and the North East regions was considered as the stronghold of the NDC.

In the Northern Region, the total parliamentary seat was 35. Out of it, the NDC won 18 seats.

The NPP took 13 seats at the end of the 2016 polls.

Upper West Region had a total of 11 parliamentary seats, the NDC won 6 seats while the NPP held on to 5 seats.

The opposition party in 2016 took 3 seats in the Upper East region whiles the NDC took 12 seats out of the 15 total parliamentary seats.

In Brong Ahafo, the total parliamentary seats was 29 out of this the NPP won 20 seats leaving 9 seats for the NDC.

The Ashanti region is considered as the stronghold of the ruling party, in 2016, the NPP won 44 parliamentary seats whiles the NDC took 3.

25 seats were won by the NDC in the Volta Region, another stronghold of the current opposition party whiles the NPP had just one seat in the region.

Parliamentary seats in the Western Region were 26, out of it the NPP won 16 seats, leaving 10 seats for the NDC.

For Eastern Region, a total number of parliamentary seats were 33, 27 seats went to the NPP and the NDC took 6 seats.

In Central Region, the NPP took 19 seats leaving 4 seats for the current opposition party.

Finally, in the Greater Accra Region, the total Parliamentary seats were 34, out of this, the NPP had 21 seats while the NDC had 13 seats.