Ghanaian media personality, Vanessa Gyan has narrated how her instinct saved her from unimaginable danger in the hands of a stranger.

She narrated how a driver who posed as a ‘good Samaritan’ persuaded her to step out of her car after he fabricated a story of her car oil leaking.

In series of tweets, she said the said driver trailed her for minutes, proposing to help her fix her faulty car at his mechanic shop nearby.

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However, she said she was unconvinced and proceeded to drive off despite the driver showing her evidence of her leaking oil.

In a shocking twist, she discovered her car was not faulty at all upon arriving at her destination, leaving her to believe she would have been in danger had she heeded to the driver’s demands.

Vanessa who is shaken by the incident has cautioned road users to be wary of their surroundings, especially when driving.

She believes such evil-minded persons target females who have not much knowledge on cars or are gullible.

Other road users have also shared similar experiences on her timeline. Some were unfortunate to have fallen victims to theft.

Read her thread below: