Efia Odo

Television personality Efia Odo, has revealed that she is capable of dating a guy and not have sex with him for months.

She told 3FM that she can lay on the same bed naked with a guy and not have sexual intercourse with that person.

The actress said she trained her guy to be able to control his manhood even when there is an increased urge to have sex.

When Govanni asked her whether she is going out with someone, Efia Odo answered “I go out but I do not have sex. I can be with a guy and lay on bed with him naked and not have sex with him.

“This is like I am training you to respect your dick,” she added.

Touching on her friendship with Shatta Wale, she said the award-winning dancehall artiste has been inspirational to her.

“I gain a lot of knowledge from him,” she said, adding that “he has influenced me a lot of other things, he opened my mind to a lot of things.

“Shatta is a brother and I always say he is, my best friend.”

She further noted that there are a lot of people who may be having psychological problems, and so she said she is taking steps to establish a psychiatric hospital to assist these people.

“Eventually, I would love to open my own psychiatric facility helping people who are mentally disabled and I just love to help those who can’t help themselves. I just have empathy,” she said.

Source: 3news.com