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A couple in Tana River county was forced to cancel their wedding when a man, claiming to be their father, emerged just as they were about to walk down the aisle.

Anne Magwi and Jotham Munini, who were supposed to exchange their marriage vows on Saturday, September 5, were reported to have been raised by single parents.

However, a report by Daily Nation showed their alleged father, alongside his sisters, stormed Holy Redemption Ministries to stop the wedding. The described it as an abomination.

According to Pastor Festus Muli, the man claiming paternity for the couple, he had sired children with the women involved in the wedding before they parted ways due to various reasons.

“He said one of the children, the groom, was sired in an informal relationship that did not end well,” said pastor Muli.

“The bride was conceived from the woman with whom he had a clandestine relationship at the time,” he added.


The man had been trying to trace his children for the past 10 years in vain as his efforts to reach some of the friends of the first wife did not yield fruits.

In the case of the said daughter, he was informed through friends that the woman had delivered a baby girl resembling him and had settled down in life.

“He saw the daughter once in the same school his children attend but he did not know how to go about it since the other father was visiting,” a nephew of the man was quoted.

“He never saw her again after completing her primary school education. All he wanted was to save their lives and forestall a looming calamity,” added the nephew.

The pastor was forced to call off the wedding and summoned the parents for talks after he was informed by one of the pastors of the new development.

The groom, according to the pastor, was informed that the father died in a road accident when he was young, while the bride grew up knowing the teacher, who has since died, was her father.

“The women did not deny knowing the man, and neither did they deny paternity. We sat down the couple in the nick of time and explained things out,” the pastor noted.

To save the family from shame, the pastor told the guests the church leadership had resolved to call off the wedding.