Drama unfolded in Nhyira FM’s studios at Kumasi in the Ashanti region when the granddaughter of a 55-year old man accused him of harassing her sexually.

While Canada-based Kwame Agyemang accused his granddaughter of theft, the young lady whose name was only given as Rita claimed the old man is making up stories after she refused his sexual advances.

The old man in an interview with Nhyira FM’s Naa Amerley said he accommodated Rita when her parents threw her out of their home.

Little did he know that he had brought the ‘devil’ into his home.

A livid Mr. Agyemang revealed that, the actions of his granddaughter led to the collapse of his marriage so he was left with no other option than to move to Canada.

However, upon his return, the 55-year-old said he met an empty house and his checks revealed that, Rita packed all the items out of the house.

When reached for her side of the story, Rita denied all the allegations insisting that the claims by her grandfather are borne out of malice.

“From the first day I entered my grandfather’s house, he has been harassing me sexually but never gave in so he hates me” the young lady bemoaned.

She indicated that, on one occasion after they had returned from a party drunk, Mr. Agyemang pushed her on his bed but she managed to escape.

Rita also alleged that, her grandfather sent her pornographic materials while he was in Cadada.

“I was even shocked when my grandfather asked me not to shave my pubic her till he returned to Ghana for a handsome reward”.

Though Mr. Agyemang admits sending the pornographic materials to his granddaughter, he insists she is out to frame him up to escape the theft allegation.

Click on attached audio and listen to the two trading blows at the studio