A leader of government’s Asset Retrieval Taskforce, Kwesi Abebrese has accused the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police service of aiding the NDC National Organizer to steal vehicles belonging to the state.

His allegation comes after the CID released vehicles they had seized from Kofi Adams earlier this year.

“We the members of the taskforce brought a vital information to the police and they ended up doing a bad work by giving back the stolen cars to Kofi Adams without listening to us or interviewing us since we went to retrieve those vehicles.

“What shows they did a better job? What they did was actually to help Kofi Adams to steal cars belonging to the state” he said.

Kofi Adams has been in the news lately for the bad reasons, following the retrieval of ‘state-owned’ vehicles from his private residence.

On Wednesday, February 1, some 15 armed men dressed in military fatigues stormed the private residence of Kofi Adams at Golf City in Tema, and seized all his five vehicles.

And to rub salt into the injury of Mr. Adams, Lawyer Obiri Boahene alleged that most of the cars taken from the former’s home were “stolen from government”.

He continued that the chassis numbers on the stolen vehicles were changed and sold to Kofi Adams.

But according to the CID, Kofi Adams provided all the documentations regarding the ownership of the five vehicles to the police during the investigations, hence release of the vehicles.

However, Kwesi Abebrese speaking in an interview on Adom FM’s Morning Show “Dwaso Nsem” indicated that officers at CID did a shoddy work on the investigations that led to the release of the cars to Kofi Adams.

He suspected foul play in the investigations indicating that CID’s investigations were all concocted.

He stressed that after their complaints, the police did not invite the taskforce team for questioning, hence believes the CID only helped Kofi Adams to ‘steal’ state vehicles.

Listen to Kwesi on Dwaso Nsem