Henry Quartey
Henry Quartey

The Regional Minister of Greater Accra, Henry Quartey, has launched a scathing critique directed at the Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), accusing them of doing little in curbing indiscipline within Accra.

Refusing to deliver a prepared speech, Mr Quartey emphasised the futility of such formalities while Accra continues to grapple with issues like filth, rampant aboboyaa (tricycle taxis) on highways, and illegal squatters.

He remarked, “Reading a speech would be a waste of time when our city is still engulfed in filth, when aboboyaa still recklessly navigate our highways, and when squatters occupy unauthorised spaces.”

Under his ‘Let’s Make Greater Accra Work’ initiative, the Minister had introduced series of policies aimed at tackling various issues including road indiscipline, sanitation, and security.

These policies were intended to spearhead a transformative process for the city.

However, during a meeting with the MMDCEs, Mr Quartey openly expressed his disappointment in the current state of affairs in the Greater Accra Region.

The annual gathering, originally designed as a coordination session between the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council and MMDCEs, took an unexpected turn into a candid exchange.

The MMDCEs, along with Presiding Members, found themselves engaged in a question and answer session where they were required to account for their actions, detailing accomplishments, challenges, and benefits derived from governmental support.

Summing up the lengthy discussions, Mr Quartey disclosed his sentiment that while the MMDCEs have been involved in policy implementation, their efforts have fallen short.

He stressed his hopes for visible progress by the year’s end and posed pointed questions, saying, “Can we truly label our actions as hardworking when aboboyaa vehicles still dominate the motorway? Can we proudly claim diligence while trotros continue to load passengers around Accra Mall? And how can we speak of hard work when piles of rubbish still litter Graphic road?”