A group of 500 Health Professionals are expected to picket at the Health ministry today over delays in posting them.

According to the Coalition, comprising of Health Professionals from the College of Health in Kintampo and the the School of Dispensing Optics in Oyoko,this has become necessary because several calls made to government to get them posted have yielded no results.

As “citizens and not spectators”, we can only “fight” for our share in the employment of health professionals after realizing we were not part of the just released financial clearance for over 4,800 clinicians (only) of whom we completed, and/or served with in the same year frame.

“We are aware the government is in a hurry. We therefore don’t want our issue to be an oversight, hence we employing “the now efficacious way” – PICKETING, to register our displeasure and “demand” our right, a statement released by the group said.

The action by the Allied Health Professionals comes weeks after a similar one by the Coalition of Unposted Bonded Diploma Nurses.

Meanwhile government has granted financial clearance to 4832 nurses and midwives into the health Sector