Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Bulbul is upset as she realizes that her mother has lost all hope for Pragya.

Meanwhile, Pragya is busy thinking of Tannu and Nikhil as she suspects something going on between them. Just then, Abhi enters the room and expresses his sadness seeing her all alone and lonely.

Although, Pragya herself is surprised to see Abhi showing concern his for her, she ignores Abhi’s questions and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Alia gets upset with Tannu for encouraging Nikhil.

Moments later, Raj walks in and gives them an idea that will help them buy some time and earn some money. He explains the plan to Alia and Tannu in detail and explains that he needs Abhi’s signature on certain documents so that the plan can take shape.

Will the trio manage to get Abhi to sign on the documents?

Abhi tries to play a game with Pragya where he puts the speakers near her ears and turns the music on. Pragya wakes up from her sleep and starts shouting at Abhi.

Abhi then instigates Pragya to do her morning exercises as he had exchanged the fake dumbles with the originals. Abhi is taken by surprise when he finds Pragya lifting dumbles without any effort.

Later, Alia visits Abhi’s office and informs the staffs that she is keeping the scratched music CD in her cabin. Alia then decides to steal the same. Will Alia be successful in stealing the CD?

Tune in @7:30pm!!!!!!


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