Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, While Pragya and Dadi are talking to each other about their plans, somebody shows up and starts clapping her hands.

Dadi and Pragya are shocked but they get realize that it is Bulbul, who has arrived. Bulbul finally learns the reason why Pragya has changed.

On the other hand, Abhi thinks as to why Pragya saved him from the police. He decides to find it out as soon as possible. Dadi, on the other hand, is angry with Pragya as saving Abhi could have given Alia and Tannu a hint as to what she is intending to do. 

Diwali preparations are underway at Abhi’s home. The members of the family jovially participate in the decorations. Pragya on the other hand, feels suspicious about Abhi and thinks that he might have known about her plan.

She informs the same to Purab and Bulbul and asks them to handle Abhi.

On the other hand, Abhi seeks an opportunity to flirt with Pragya. Meanwhile, Tannu too is searching for Abhi as she expects him to take her on a long drive.

Will Pragya realize that Abhi is only trying to flirt with her?

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