Todays #veeraonadomtv Veera calls Nihal her father

Chaiji wants Ranvijay to become like Sampooran. Ratan thanks Nihal for helping Ranvijay with his studies.

While Bansuri urges Kartar to leave his wife since he has feelings for Ratan, Veera tells Nihal that he looks like her father. Later, Ratan yells at Veera for not realising her mistakes.

Veera asks Ratan if she can cook for Nihal and Ranvijay. Meanwhile, Balwant asks Kartar for an explanation when he fights with Gurpreet.

Ratan does not react when Veera asks her to show her some love.

Bansuri on the other hand plans to convince Nihal to tutor Baldev and Gunjan.



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