The Senior Staff Association of Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) is demanding the removal of the current credit union board and the constitution of an interim board.

The agitated group including members of the Hydro Co-Operatives Credit Union is calling for the existing board to be replaced with an interim one.

This brewing tension has forced the association to threaten suspension of deductions from staff of GRIDCo to Hydro Credit Union until the issues are addressed.

In a petition, the association, among other things, accused the board of failing to disclose the allowances and honoraria of the Board of Directors and illegally approving same contrary to the Hydro Co-operative Credit Union’s regulations.

Another concern put forth is a purported failure to implement decisions taken at their 2021 Annual General Meeting to set up a committee which will review their bye-laws, a situation they described as injurious to the Union.

The petition, which was signed by the National Chairman of the GRIDCo-SSA, Raphael Kornor, also accused the board of disregard for corporate governance principles, micromanagement of employees and witch-hunting of top officers resulting in operational challenges.

Other issues tabled before GRIDCo’s Department of Co-operatives included an amalgamation of defunct Bonsu Credit Union, procurement of additional operational vehicles and division among the board.

The Association says “any delay in addressing the issues would only give us no option than to write to the management of GRIDCo to hold-up all deductions from staff of GRIDCo to Hydro Credit Union until the issues are resolved.”

Below is the full statement: