Dr Ibrahim Anyars

Dr Ibrahim Anyars, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), has touted the achievements of NABCO and given a picture of a bright future.

In a Facebook post, he said, in three years, over 100, 000 have been empowered to transition easily into the job market.

Read his full post below:


Fellow Citizens, as we approach the third year on the NABCO scheme in 2021, a future of HOPE beckons.

A secure three years has empowered the over 100,000 trainees with the requisite Work Readiness to transition easily into permanent JOBS. With an expanding economy, a potential exists for all our graduates to get into meaningful and sustainable careers.

The scheme was envisioned to develop our local intellectual infrastructure to fit into a future transformed Ghana. As an enrichment programme, the over 100,000 trainees are continually exposed to experiences that enhance their employability profile within any industry.

At present, our contribution to nation building is undoubtedly beyond any measure: in education, health, agriculture, digitisation, revenue mobilisation, governance and to the development of enterprise. A certain vision must have recognised that our graduates deserved better than wasting away the zeal to contribute to our national development.

Truly, President Akufo-Addo has proven to be a Trusted and Visionary Leader, dedicated to the Service of Fellow Ghanaians. He envisioned NABCO and will see it through to its logical destination: meaningful and Sustainable Permanent Jobs.

Three questions to refocus our minds:

1. What alternative has been proposed to the NABCO scheme?

2. Is there any logical equivalence in idle and joblessness to a fulfilling and enriching skills development role?

3. Whatever its challenges, with how many words can you criticise 100,000 opportunities?

If you are thinking #Okada, then Allah be your help.