Man misses death by inch after his car veered off at Kwahu in 2023

During the Easter Festive Season of 2024, Ghana’s Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) recorded a notable decrease in road traffic accidents and casualties compared to the previous year.

The provisional statistics, sourced from the Ghana Police Service, shed light on the road safety situation during this festive period.

According to the data provided by the MTTD, a total of 131 road traffic crashes occurred from March 29th to April 1st, 2024, involving 246 vehicles of various categories.

These incidents resulted in the loss of 24 lives and left 170 individuals injured, with an additional 18 pedestrians being knocked down.

However, despite these sobering figures, there was a significant improvement compared to the same period in 2023.

Reported cases, vehicles involved, fatalities, injuries, and pedestrian knockdowns decreased by 14.94%, 5.7%, 20%, 36.8%, and 10%, respectively.

Further analysis of the fatalities revealed that the majority (96%) were adults above the age of 18, with males comprising 83% of the total fatalities. The Greater Accra Region recorded the highest number of crashes and deaths, with 59 crashes and 12 fatalities reported.

Interestingly, some regions, including Oti, Bono East, Northern, North East, Savannah, Upper East, and Upper West, reported no crashes or deaths during the Easter Festive Season of 2024.

Private vehicles emerged as the most commonly involved vehicles in road crashes, accounting for 49% of the incidents, followed by commercial vehicles (34%) and motorcyclists (17%).