Thief returns phone but bolts afterwards


There was drama last Monday when a young man in his mid-20s returned a stolen phone to its owner at Astoria Junction at Effiakuma New Site in the Western Region.

But he quickly took to his heels to avoid instant justice.

The culprit, whose name was only given as Joe, sneaked into the shop of a lady who sells bottled water and soft drinks.

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Realising the shop owner was dozing off, he quickly took her iPhone, hid it in his pocket and quickly walked away.

The shock

All this while, a man whose second-hand clothing store was about 50 meters away was calmly looking on.

When the culprit got to where this man was selling, he was stopped by the second-hand clothes seller and questioned: “Youngman, what are you holding in your hand?”

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“It is a phone,” the thief replied in a very jittery tone.

The man then asked him to go and wake up the owner and give her back the phone.

He complied in a funny approach woke up the owner: “Madam, please take your phone, I came to steal it, I didn’t know what came over me.”

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He handed over the phone and quickly bolted before neighbours were informed, a resident told CONNECT FM’S Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson.